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Tennis Net 3.0mm- Single Top Std


Putterman Athletics 3.0 mm Single Top Standard Tennis Net

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Product Description

  • Size – 41ft 7in x 3ft 6in
  • Netting Body – 3.0mm braided polyethylene rope, 1.5in knotted mesh
  • Headband – 28oz single-layered white vinyl, folded and tucked, treated with UV and mildew inhibitors, 2.5in wide, 6 rows of bonded thread interlocking stitching, built-in grommets
  • Sideband – 2.5in black vinyl, built-in grommets, sewn pocket, 2 hollow fiberglass rods
  • Bottomband – 2.5in black vinyl, built-in grommets
  • Cable – 5mm steel coated cable, 3600lbs tensile strength, 46ft long
  • Net Strap – heavy-duty polyester webbing, nickel plated slide buckles, double end hook, reinforced ends

Additional Information

Weight 21.0 lbs
Dimensions 49 x 8 x 8 in