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Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department Tennis Courts Gets Facelift

We recently resurfaced some tennis courts for the town of Waynesville.  Here is an article from The Mountaineer:

Waynesville- 0514

photo by Rhett Langston

The Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department recently gave the tennis courts at Recreation Park in Waynesville a complete new look.
The courts are open to the public beginning 8 a.m. Friday, June 6.

Court One, of Granite Quarry, North Carolina, was hired to repair the existing cracks on the tennis courts and to apply a new surface. The new look includes a blue court with a green boundary.

“They did an excellent job,” said Rhett Langston, director of Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department. “Court One was highly recommended by other public and private organizations in North Carolina.”

Staff from the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department completed other upgrades, including painting the fence and light poles black. Engraved bricks were also put in place outside of the courts.

Funding for the work was made possible by the Waynesville Tennis Association and the town of Waynesville.

“I am thrilled to see the completion of the resurfacing of the Waynesville courts,” said Rumi Kakareka, member of the Waynesville Tennis Association. “Many thanks to the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department, the town of Waynesville and all the individuals who contributed to creating and maintaining this safe and attractive set of tennis courts for everyone to enjoy.”

Many local players, such as Amy Riggs, are very proud to have players from other towns visit Waynesville and play on the new courts.

“Playing United States Tennis Association (USTA) tennis has allowed our team to play on many different courts with a variety of surfaces in Western North Carolina,” said Riggs. “It is very exciting to have tennis courts that we are proud of when hosting league matches in our hometown.”

The courts are open daily from sunrise to 10 p.m. and are located at Recreation Park in Waynesville.