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Running Tracks

Recommendations for Running Track Maintenance and Protecting your Investment

We specialize in latex rubber surfaced tracks and field events.  Here are some helpful guidelines for maintaining your track facility.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance::

  1. It is critical to have positive drainage off the track and field events.  Positive drainage off the inside of the track is most typically problematic.  The presences of standing water will contribute to the buildup of sediment on the surface, which will act as an abrasive and will contribute to delamination of the surface.
  2. It is important to control the growth of vegetation around the track.  The encroachment of vegetation will cause delamination of the surface, and can interfere with perimeter drainage.  It will probably take several applications of Roundup to control this encroachment.
  3. Sprinkler heads should be positioned to minimize watering the track.  A constant damp environment could lead to delamination.
  4. Minimize non-track traffic on the surface.  This is best accomplished by purchasing a roll of indoor/outdoor carpeting, to be laid across the track where crossing traffic may occur.  This will minimize the addition of dirt and wear to the surface.  It is not recommended that you leave the carpet down for an extended period of time.  This could result in trapping moisture or accidental sticking to the surface (depending on the carpet backing).

We look forward to providing you with a quality surface that will provide enjoyment for years to come.